Specializing in transportation and government procurements and project approvals

Our Specialties


Feasibility and fare studies and corridor studies, new services and facilities, and redesign services for rapid transit, including bus, streetcar, rail and ferries.

Streets and Cities

Healthy communities approach, focusing on downtown and regional mobility. Complete streets and work with transit-oriented developments and transportation demand management.


We help you create and/or improve your organization’s safety culture. Review and establish system safety plans, protocols and an organization-wide understanding of safety roles and responsibilities.

Campus Mobility

Commute and trip reduction, employee and student incentives, and financial analyses for campuses, tech companies, and hospitals.

Active Transportation

Facilities and network design, bike sharing, creating safe routes to schools and transit. Also, calmed streets and walk audits.


We provide strategic assistance to make your proposal for products and/or services the winning submission. We have years of experience evaluating proposals and understand what factors separate winning proposals from those that are unsuccessful.

Project Approval

Our extensive local knowledge and relationships help to identify the strategic pathway to obtain a project’s approval. We identify and help remove potential project pitfalls, address any questions or concerns and build consensus and support to obtain project approval.